Overseas Admission: Historical Background

In 2010, Doyen Academy opened a door of opportunity to gaining admission to highly rated universities overseas. Many students were assisted to realize the dream of the courses they desired.

Later, Doyen Academy started Foundation Programme for universities in Central Europe and some of these students were granted admission. The programme could not continue because of difficulties and arbitrary denial of visas to candidates at the embassy in Nigeria. But now, our students have so many highly-rated universities to choose from around the world for 1st & 2nd year admissions.
Doyen Academy offers counseling to students, helps to process and secure admission to universities in different parts of the world to study their dream courses. The school helps with the procurement of invitation letter from universities, which is needed to obtain visa from embassy.

We offer placement into universities in the following parts of the world:
⟩  The United Kingdom
⟩  The United States of America
⟩  Australia
⟩  Canada
⟩  Ukraine
⟩  Cyprus
⟩  Malaysia
⟩  China
⟩  Poland
⟩  Hungary
⟩  Netherlands
⟩  St. Lucia
⟩  New Zealand
⟩  St. Vincent

⟩ ⟩   Overseas Admission Period

In the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Malaysia, universities offer admissions to students in January, April and September every year. Universities in Hungary, Ukraine, Cyprus, China, Poland and New Zealand only open doors of admissions in January and September. Application is usually done at least three months before resumption with the exception of Canada that is done at least eight months ahead of the start date.

⟩ ⟩   Overseas Admission Requirements

The documents required for admission are:
⟩  O/Level result (WAEC or NECO)
⟩  Transcript from SS1 – SS2
⟩  Photo page of International Passport
⟩  Birth certificate (from National Population Commission)
⟩  2 copies of letter of recommendation.
⟩  Testimonial from secondary school
⟩  Personal statement

⟩ ⟩   Other requirements for overseas admissions

⟩  Police Clearance Certificate (original)
⟩  Certificate of Medical Fitness
⟩  Sponsor’s bank statement (for past six months)

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